Adrian Adioetomo.

Plays his own music based on Delta-Blues, “the devil’s music”, as they call it back in the day. Though, he tries to put other elements in it too. Some say most of his stuff has a stark quality to it. It surprises him, but he takes it as a compliment.

He feels lucky enough to be creating and performing what he believes as an outlet of his demons and his muse. Things that he would consider to be ‘real’. Whatever it means. He even feels luckier that they are even appreciated. Cheeky bastard.

As he believes that life comes first then it becomes music, he is open to explore other possibilities. Including collaborating on things that relate to him deeply. Okay, maybe there aren’t many. Some of them are guitars and art, among few.

This may well be another form of expression that represent certain aspects of his spirit.

Catur Hadhi Dharma.

An artistically aspired musician and craftsman. A part of an East-Jakartan rockabilly outfit “Borock’n’Roll”, but he established his own name as the founder, luthier, repairman, accounting and marketing of ‘Cretscii’ guitars. Okay, he got no employees.

Cretscii is known to be a one-man company making unique guitar-based stringed instruments. Cigar box guitars, dog-bowl resonators, spider-cone wooden resonators are their (okay, his) specialty. 3 strings, 6 strings, 12 strings, any number of strings, you tell him, he’ll make ‘em.

But what’s special about Cretscii is not the dogbowls, or the 3 strings. It’s the soul and the unapologetic naïveté of the instruments made. They’re not perfect. Sometimes you can find some wonky measurements or unfinished surface. But that’s the beauty of Cretscii, the name that, according to him, is derived from the word “crazy”.
Crazy enough to start a guitar company, crazy enough to trust his own limitations, but crazy enough to have gained admiration from similar unique minds across the world.

His latest creation is one of his best yet. Collaborating with one of the Indonesian blues musicians whose art is just as unique as his creations.


Is an artist from North Sumatera. He created the Sigil on Adrian’s ‘BloodMoon’ guitar. 
This is what he wrote on his work for Adrian Adioetomo.
I’ve done a personal sigil for @adrianadioetomo, also known as the bluesman whose work we’ve heard locally and internationally. He was referred to as  the first person who popularised the Delta Blues style in Indonesia. It is an honor to do this sigil for him. All elements and hopes are kept secret.
For the stroke and month of formation, this sigil was made at the end of May during the moment of the “BLACK MOON” natural phenomenon in 2022. This moment happens once every 29 years: Roman folklore and etymology Planet Venus, Sumerian folklore, and fall from heaven which also supports the formation elements and a few of the lasser key salomon sigil element.
The summary of Adrian’s sigil mixed created with sigil element.
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Established since 2016. Catur Hadhi Dharma started Cretscii Guitars by building guitars from used biscuit can and cigar box. Based on his experiences in the music world, spesifically guitars, Cretscii Guitars continues to experiment and build unique and rarely-seen guitars. Beside biscuit can and cigar box, Cretscii Guitars has made other guitar with strange materials such as plastic bottle caps, metal dog bowl, and many more.